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Season 2016/2017

Aconcagua 2016-2017 has begun. Book your spot and live the experience of being at the roof of the Americas

Aconcagua Adventures, based in Mendoza Argentina, offers first class Mount Aconcagua expeditions, Base Camp Trekking and logistic support to groups.

Normal Route, Polish Glacier Traverse Route guided climbs, Trekking to Plaza de Mulas and Trekking to Plaza Francia are led by professional local mountain guides.

To ensure success, all Aconcagua expeditions are organized with close attention to detail.

The logistic support includes a wide array of services: private mini vans to transport passengers, hotels bookings in Mendoza, mules to carry loads, professional mountain guides, porters, equipment rentals, base camps support at Confluencia, Plaza de Mulas, Refugio Plaza de Mulas, Plaza Argentina and much more.

We know what an expedition needs to succeed.

Welcome to Aconcagua, welcome to Aconcagua Adventures.

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Aconcagua Mountain is located in the heart of the Central Andes in Western Argentina, which is the highest peak in South America. The Trekking Aconcagua let the victors observe the two most spectacular faces of the mountain. You can first visit the camp base, and you can have a walk through glaciers surrounded by amazing mountains. The award for this long walk would be an incredible view of the West Wall of Aconcagua at sunset. Furthermore, Aconcagua is a famous spot for winter sports competitions, drawing athletes and spectators from all around the globe. The events held here are so popular that even online casino sites have introduced the races in their betting options. If you find yourself attending one of these competitions, you, too, can place online wagers. Use this live casino bonus of $70 and place sports bets or play exciting games for free.

It is a perfect destination, even for those who don't want to go mountaineering. There are short treks available for hiking, and Aconcagua offers a unique educational opportunity for young learners who seek to experience skills of participation in climbing expeditions and ski classes. We provide specialized ski classes for kids and adults with professional instructors. Why don't you give your kid an opportunity to become a professional athlete who will one day take part in the most prestigious skiing tournaments in the world? Contact us and book your ski classes for this season.

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