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Aconcagua Park
Entrance permissions

Permits are issued only at Direccion de Recursos Naturales Renovables, located on San Martin Av. (Mendoza City).
Office hours are: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm weekdays, and 9:00 am to 1:00 pm Saturdays and Sundays (on December 25th, and January 1st, this Office will be closed. Acquire your permit one day ahead).

Permits must be shown to Park Rangers based at the stations of Horcones (Normal Route) and Pampa de Lenas (Polish Glacier Traverse Route).

Please note that some years ago it was possible to obtain the permit at the trailhead, or even outfitters could do it in Mendoza in the name of their customers and send them to the trailhead. Be warmed this is not available any longer. Permits must be acquired in person as compulsory in Mendoza City only.


Types of permits are:

Climbing: valid for 20 days after entering the Park Aconcagua
Long Trekking: valid for 7 days after entering the Park Aconcagua
Short Trekking: valid for 3 days after entering the Park Aconcagua


How and where to obtain the entrance permissions Aconcagua Park

The permit to visit the Laguna de Horcones or to take part in One-day Trekking, are processed in the Visitor Service Center of Park Aconcagua located in Horcones.


The visitor should bring with them when applying for the permission, an original passport (foreigners).

The permits for Short Trekking (3 days), Long Trekking (7 days) and Climbing (20 days) are processed in the Direccion de Recursos Naturales Renovables located in the city of Mendoza (Building of the Secretary of Tourism - Av. San Martin 1143. 1st floor).

The visitor should bring with when applying for the permission, an original passport (foreigners), complete the expedition form and take with them their deposit ticket to make their payment (in Argentine pesos and in cash) to a cashier.

In addition the visitor should sign the risk acceptation form for Aconcagua Provincial Park.


Those between the ages of 14 and the age where they are legally adults in their place of origin (in Argentina it is 18 years old) should bring to the Visitor Service Centre an authorization from both parents in order to obtain the entrance permission to the Park. The authorization should be signed by both parents and notarized by a certified public notary in the individual's place of residence. 

It is important that the text of the authorization be the same as published on the website.

In the case that a minor enters the Park with one of their parents, the other parent not present should sign the authorization in the aforementioned notarized manner. The parent that accompanies the minor will sign a document that declares that he or she will be responsible for the minor throughout the expedition and in the case that any unfortunate event that happens to the minor.



The signed authorization by both parents is required exclusively for the countries where parental guardianship is shared, as is the case in Argentina.
In countries where the parental guardianship is not necessary assigned to both the mother and father, the authorization will only be required of the father / mother who is in charge of the minor. The parental guardian will need to attach, at the time of obtaining the permit, a certified copy of the document that confirms the guardianship.

Those younger than 14 are not allowed to enter Aconcagua Provincial Park.


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