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Aconcagua porters

The porters who work in Aconcagua Park are responsible for an important part of the expedition:  the moving of the group's equipment (sleeping tents and help in the transportation of food, heaters, gas, etc.) from the Plaza de Mulas and Plaza Argentina base camps to the altitude camps.  Later, during the expedition's return, they will return the equipment to the aforementioned base camps. 

They will also be in charge of bringing down the group's accumulated waste in the upper camps, making sure the mountain remains trash-free. 

Due to the fact that they spend the majority of the season inside Aconcagua Park, the porters will be perfectly acclimated, which will allow them to ascend to each altitude camp without difficulty and carrying up to 20kg of equipment.












The expeditions include porters who are in charge of the group's shared equipment mentioned above, but mountaineers can also hire additional porters (cost not included in the price of the expedition) to help carry their personal equipment (backpacks, sleeping bags, etc.) to the altitude so that the mountaineers can save their energy during their ascent.
Although this service has an additional cost, it will be very useful for those who do hire porters because it will allow them to only carry a light backpack with necessary items while they ascend or descend throughout the altitude camps.

The price of this service varies, depending on which camp porters are asked to carry equipment to.

If you would like to hire an additional porter, please do not hesitate to ask us.

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