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Why choose Us

Why choose Aconcagua Adventures?

The following are just some of the reasons why many climbers, national and international companies place their trust in us.


Aconcagua specialists

We are focused only on Aconcagua Expeditions.
Unlike most of the companies, this is not yet another mountain to us. After years of professional work, we have specialized in Aconcagua climbing and trekking expeditions.


The most complete expeditions

Our programs include all of the services necessary to complete a successful expedition. Services begin from the moment our customers arrive in Mendoza.
We are proud to know that ours are the best-supported climbs that you might find.


Guaranteed outings

Our expedition dates are completely guaranteed. We firmly believe that the risk is ours and not our customer’s.
If any of our groups falls short of its target size the expedition will continue exactly as originally planned without any extra charge. The itinerary and the services will be the same. 
Many other companies charge extra when group sizes are smaller than expected, or they will send you to a different company with a different itinerary and services than you agreed on, or they will cancel the outing entirely.


Guides to clients ratio

Our aim is that you reach the summit of Aconcagua. For that reason all of our trips are led by one guide for every group of 3-4 climbers.


The prices

Our prices are highly competitive.


Local guides

Our expeditions are led by professional mountain guides.
All have vast experience in summit expeditions to Mt. Aconcagua by different routes and not only during the ascent season, but also out of season, when the conditions are much harsher.

All of the guides know the mountain in a detail that only comes from years of experience. A lot of international companies discredit the quality and professionalism of local guides. There is no evidence for that bias. In fact, our evidence is that our local guides are far superior to international guides. Many international companies employ guides who have never reached the summit. Other companies hire guides that have climbed many mountains, but never Aconcagua. 
Arriving at the base of the mountain for the first time, many of these guides underestimate Aconcagua's characteristics. This is a grave mistake.
Our guides specialize in climbing only Aconcagua, the mountain you are planning to climb.


Acclimatizing to the thin air of high elevations is a key to a successful expedition. Our expeditions give you sufficient time to adjust. 
Expeditions by the Normal Route include a night in Penitentes (8,940ft), two in Confluencia (11,122ft), and three or five (Abridged or Standard Itineraries) in Plaza de Mulas (14,337ft) before beginning the ascent. 
During the ascent, we spend one night in Plaza Canada (16,108ft), two in Nido de Condores (17,650ft) and one in Colera (19,258ft).

Our ascent by the Polish Glacier Traverse Route includes one night in Penitentes (8,940ft). During the approach we spend one night in Pampa de Lenas (9,711ft) and one in Casa de Piedra (10,662ft). 
We then have three nights at Plaza Argentina Base Camp (13,779ft) and during the ascent, three nights at Camp 1 (16,240ft), two at Camp 2 (18,274ft) and one at Camp 3 (19,258ft).
Both itineraries (Normal and Polish Glacier Traverse Route) also include two extra days in case of bad weather conditions.

We know many companies that try climb Aconcagua in less time. The result is that their customers never acclimatize properly.

Porters included

You will need to conserve your energy to reach the summit. Our expeditions by the Normal Route includes porters.

Energetic foods

A strong and balanced diet is fundamental to have the energy necessary for
an ascent of this magnitude. Our meals at base camp are made with fresh, local food prepared a few days before starting the expedition. 
Our guides prepare the meals even at the altitude camps.

Permanent radio communication

We have constant radio communication between all base camps at Penitentes, Confluencia, Plaza de Mulas, Plaza Argentina and Mendoza and with the entire division of Park Rangers and Rescue Patrols.
Many companies send groups whose guides speak very little or no Spanish at all which can be very dangerous.

Environmental care

Mt. Aconcagua is not simply a business to us. It also forms part of the environment in which we live. Climbers participating in our expeditions take care to preserve the environment, including helping the descent of all waste originated during the climb.

If you are interested in more details, we welcome your email.

Andrew T., California, USA.
All of the guides were great instructors, leaders, and friends. Everyone of them helped me when I had any problem. All of them were constantly aware of my well being. All of them were willing to help any client, including carrying part of a client's load if that client was feeling sick or tired. They worked twice as hard as any of us to set up and tear down camps and manage the mules. The guides helped me when I was sick, they helped me when I was healthy, and they helped me reach the summit. The lead guide was a great decision-maker and communicated very well with the team. I cannot imagine that there are any better guides on the entire mountain than the three that I climbed with.

Daniel L., England.
I would certainly recommend your company to anyone thinking of doing a trip and I feel having local guides (Micky, Tincho and Nacho) who obviously knew the mountain, as well as knowing all the other guides and Mulateers, was of great benefit. They made the trip that much more enjoyable with their enthusiasm, motivation, friendship and genuine interest in the well being of the whole party.

Todd T, New York USA.
I would like to personally thank you for a great holiday at Aconcagua. Both Tom and I had a wonderful experience. Your team of professions not only helped us exceed our expectaitons but they also were wonderful people to get to know and spend time wtih

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