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Trekking Plaza Francia

Trekking Plaza Francia
Base Camp Of Aconcagua South Face

Day Trekking Plaza FranciaItinerary (altitude in meters and feet)


Transfer from Penitentes (2725 m / 8940 feet) to Horcones (trailhead). Hiking to Confluencia (3390 m / 11122 feet) Camp.


Trekking to Plaza Francia (4.200 m / 13780 feet), and back to Confluencia.


Trekking to Horcones. Transfer to Penitentes. End of the Aconcagua trekking expedition

Included Services

Professional Mountain Guides. Transportation from Penitentes to Horcones trailhead. All the necessary food for the expedition (during the approach hike and in Camp Confluencia). Two camping nights in camp Confluencia including two person tents to spend the night and insulated mats. Trekking to Plaza Francia. Transfer from trailhead to Penitentes.


Expedition Guides

Those leading the expedition are professional mountain guides (EPGAM, AAGM) with many years of experience in Park Aconcagua. All speak English and Spanish.


Services not included

Tickets to and from Penitentes. Trekking Permit. Mules to carry loads. Extras in Camp Confluencia. Drinks apart from those provided with food. Food apart from that specified in the program. Abandon of itinerary expenses. Personal equipment. Personal insurance. Any expenses incurred in case of delay or lost of luggage by the airline on which you arrive to Mendoza City. In this situation you must deal with the airline the arrival of you baggage and or take care of any expenses that may require. Any other service that you don't find detailed within the Included Services.

Cancellation of Reservations

In case of the cancellation (*) of a reservation once the required deposit has been completed, Aconcagua Adventures will keep such payment as a credit for a period of two years. Exceeding this period will make the deposit non-valid. 
(*) Cancellations need to be in written form and given to the organization a minimum of 30 days prior to the departure of the expedition. Cases not following this requirement will lose their deposited amount.  When using the credit, the value of the expedition will be the value of the current season (in the case that there is a price difference between the original reservation).


Abandon of Itinerary Expenses

They are all of the incurred expenses in the case that for some reason, outside of our control, the client abandons the established itinerary. Expenses incurred in the case of rescue and/or evacuations.


Requiriemnts to be a part of the group

Excellent physical preparation and health, appropriate personal equipment, experience in mountaineering and camping.


Camp Confluencia

Includes bilingual staff (Spanish English). Camp equipped with electric energy, tables, chairs, and dishes. The camp comes equipped with its own bathroom. Free baggage storage service during the mountain expedition. BLU Radio communication with Mendoza, Penitentes and Plaza de Mulas and VHF for internal communication inside Park Aconcagua with our groups, base camps, Park Rangers and Rescue Patrol.


Expedition Overview

Day 1

Day 1 - Penitentes - Confluencia

In the morning the group will move from Penitentes to Horcones, where you will find a check point for the entrance to Aconcagua Park. Once registered with the Trekking Permit will begin the journey to Confluencia camp.
When we arrive at Confluencia and after a rest we will be the setting up of tents to spend the night.
A little later you will be able to hydrate with warm drinks and walk around the nearby area. 
A dinner will be organized in the evening in our comfortable dining room tent. 

Accommodation: Tents
Food:  Box Lunch and Dinner
Hiking Time:  Approx. 4 to 5 hours
Difference in elevation: 2725 meters above sea level (approx. 8940 feet) to 3390 meters above sea level (approx. 11122 feet)


Day 2

Confluencia - Plaza Francia - Confluencia

This day is organized for a stunning hiking to Plaza Francia, what will also give you the chance to see the majestic South Face of Mount Aconcagua. After a walk around the nearby area and exploring this majestic base camp we will return to Camp Confluencia.
Dinner will be prepared on the return to Confluencia and the members of the group will prepare themselves for bed for the long day ahead. 

Accommodation: Tents
Food:  Breakfast, Box Lunch and Dinner
Hiking Time:  Approx. 6 to 7 hours (to Plaza Francia and back to Confluencia)
Difference in elevation: 3390 meters above sea level (approx. 11122 feet) to 4200 meters above sea level (approx. 14501 feet)

Day 3

Confluencia - Penitentes

Rested and satisfied after our achievement we will pack the equipment and begin the trekking to the entrance of Aconcagua Park, in Horcones. A vehicle will be waiting for us at the site to take us to Penitentes.
This is the end of the services we offer, helping to make dreams come true. So long!

Food:  Breakfast and Box Lunch
Hiking Time:  Approx. 3 hours


Note: This itinerary should be viewed as a reference. The guides will do everything in their power to follow it as detailed, but situations could present themselves during an expedition of such altitude that force them to make changes.  We ask that you please stay flexible in the case that the guides are forced to do so.
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